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My day job.
(Not really, but sometimes it feels like it.)

My day job.

(Not really, but sometimes it feels like it.)


In which no one is happy

My husband, who believes that women can be sexist and minorities can be racist, is trying to discuss with me what a gender-neutral society might look like. Except that he thinks everything I say is wrong. He thinks that minorities can be racist, whereas I contend that they can be prejudiced or biased, but not racist. He totally disagrees that racism and sexism are based on power structures, and therefore those who are not the ones in power cannot be racist/sexist.

His example was that if a college brochure had 75% white persons in the pictures and a minority person chose to not attend that school, that was a racist decision.

I countered that if there was college brochure that had 75% men in the pictures and I chose to not go there, that wasn’t a sexist decision. It’d be based on not wanting to have to put up with being in classes with mostly men, because of previous experiences I’ve had with men in classes. My theoretical choice to attend a school with a 1:1 male:female ratio is not sexist.

Now, I can only speak from the perspective of a white female. I hope that I have not misspoken or offended, but if I have, it wasn’t intentional. Please correct me if that’s the case.

I’d really like to hear from anyone who’s not a heterosexual-white-male on this issue.

Take the Test: How Well Do You See Color?






I got a 15, but I’m curious how others do - especially artist friends. My weak spots were spread throughout the blue-green spectrum.

I got 37, with my blue-purple being my huge weak spot, but I kind of knew that already [see arguments with my family my entire life…]

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I got a 23, with blue-green and red-orange being my main weaknesses.

I got a zero! I have no weaknesses. :)

Test Anxiety (and other anxiety too)

Test anxiety is relatively new to me, as I am a pretty good tester (also, my graduate work had almost no tests, so I haven’t had to take too many post-college). But because I’ve failed subtest 2 of the MTLE twice now, I have a lot of anxiety about this 60 minute test (which will take me all of 25 minutes to complete).

Both last time I took it and this time (tonight at 6:45), I was unable to sleep the night before. Because that always helps with exam scores. :(

So I did some searching on Tumblr and the advice was, among other things, to write down your anxieties and it will help a lot. Hence the Tumblr-ogging. (Not on my regular blog, because I’m keeping this potential job thing under wraps unless I get an interview.)

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cantarbailarhablar said: It is evident in how [and how much] you wrote that you are passionate about education... if I could be intrusive: What, exactly, is giving you pause about the position? Financial stability? The recognition you're getting in your workplace? Good luck and keep us posted!

What is giving me pause? Excellent question.

I think, like a lot of people, there is the fear of failure. I totally rocked student teaching, and I am (or will be) awesome at this job. I’ve been pursuing this for the last 7 years, and I really think this is where I will be happy and successful. But… what if I’m not? What if student teaching was a fluke and I actually suck? I really don’t want to find that out. Also, not getting the job would be awful, so if I don’t apply, they can’t reject me. :)

Secondly, I have been at my current position for over 10 years. They have been wonderful to me, and very supportive of my career change. Since student teaching, I have taken on additional projects and am really right in the middle of a few things that I am very invested in, and I would hate to find out later that all my work went by the wayside once I left. They have invested in me, though I remind myself that they have definitely gotten back more than what they put into me. Plus, considering the work I am currently doing, I am underpaid, so I shouldn’t feel bad about the investment.

(It should be noted that every single person here would shove me out of the door if they thought I was holding back from education jobs for their sake. They are really that supportive. This is about me, not them.)

Financial stability is not an issue; we are a dual-income, no kids household and my husband is well compensated and secure in his position. The only small thing to consider is that right now I am union, and we are both on my health plan, and it’s awesome. We could definitely still afford my 4 medications and our regular doctor’s appointments, but it would cost us more if we had to switch to his health insurance. Hopefully if I was full-time at a school the benefits would be fairly close to what I’ve got now, but it’s an unknown. Definitely not a factor in considering potential jobs.

I think that if I hadn’t waited so long after student teaching, I would feel differently about this. But there weren’t jobs worth applying for last summer, and very little came through my searches this year too, so I wasn’t prepared. The start of the school year is coming up fast, and I am just feeling a lot of anxiety. Mostly unfounded. But I’ve come down from the high of a successful student teaching placement, and have been out of the school system for more than a year, and it has me feeling more anxious than I should.

It should be noted that I kind of did this when applying to student teach, too. I delayed in sending in my materials until way after the deadline, and nearly didn’t get a placement for the semester. I think it’s that fear of failure thing, exaggerated by the passion that I have for teaching and the feeling that nothing I do will ever satisfy as much as that.

Apparently I am getting in the way of my own success.


Tell me I’m not the only one who feels (or has felt) like this

So here’s the deal. I was able to do my student teaching in my dream district, and finished it in May 2012 (yes, a year ago). I still have not completed all of the work I need to do to actually get my license, in part because jobs in social studies aren’t easy to come by, and partly because I’ve been back at work at my “regular” job and been immersed in some large projects that I’m reluctant to leave.

Last week, my cooperating teacher emailed me to let me know that a position was opening up (unexpectedly, as the next opening we knew about was when someone would retire in two years), and that I should apply for it. It’s the same class I student taught, just across the hall from my cooperating teacher. It is a dream job. She’s given me tons of information on what the schedule might be like, what to talk about in my cover letter, and has offered to go down and mention me to the principal.

Obviously, this has me FREAKING out. And I think that if I had my licensure stuff completed, I’d have a really good chance at it. I’ve asked her for her honest opinion about my chances given that I don’t have my license yet, so that I don’t get my hopes up if there’s no chance. [Edited to add: she got back to me and said the licensure thing is OK and shouldn’t stop me from applying. Yay!]

My thoughts are all over the board about this. In my current job, where I am full-time with benefits and well-respected (but totally not working in education), I have really been given a lot more responsibilities and projects in the last year, and I am the only one with certain skills. I really don’t want the hard work I’ve put in to go to waste if I leave. That won’t keep me from accepting a job in education if it’s offered to me, but I will have some (a lot) of guilt about it.

Also, um… I have no idea what to do with a class of my own. How do I start the school year? It’s nearly the end of July - do I have enough time to lesson plan and actually do a good job? Will the whole year be nonstop work, as I don’t have the whole summer to plan and dream and talk with the other teachers? When I finished my student teaching, I was on a total high of having done an awesome job and being really fulfilled in what I did. And now it’s been more than a year and I feel more fear and uncertainty.

I just need someone to tell me that other people feel this way, that I don’t need to freak out just yet, and that everything will be OK. Can you do that for me? Help me calm down, please.


"The pre-teaching assessment, known as edTPA, is a practical evaluation of teacher candidates. Hoping to bring it to Indiana, proponents say that unlike pencil-and-paper tests, edTPA makes teachers prove they are ready to teach before leading their own classrooms."

Indiana ponders new measuring stick for student teachers | Hechinger Report

Since I’m getting my first student teacher in the spring, this interests me.  Anyone else have experience with this?

(via girlwithalessonplan)

I had to do the TPA for my student teaching, and I really hated it. I like the idea of it, and I didn’t mind doing the filming and creating a lesson that was specific to what they wanted, but all of the write up was really hard for me, especially because my ed program was non-traditional, so I felt like the questions were outside of my education.

Confession: I still haven’t completed my TPA, and I finished student teaching April 2012. It is the number one thing keeping me from getting my license. Totally roadblocked. Make your student teacher finish it early. (There aren’t jobs in my area for my specialty, and I have a decent job, so motivation to complete the TPA, which is totally ungraded for us because we’re still the pilot group, is totally lacking.)

Conveniently, more and more people are doing it, so there’s more support, especially from students in other programs in other schools/states, so there are more resources and support now.

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Watching MI5 (Spooks), and who shows up? Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch). I’m only at the beginning of the second season. That’s a lot more episodes for potential cameos.

I just discovered Mi-5 / Spooks [BBC TV]. I’m partway through season 1, and Mr. Darcy is talking to Giles. Earlier, he was talking to Dr. House. It’s kind of blowing my mind. [Matthew MacFadyen, Anthony Head, and Hugh Laurie

I just discovered Mi-5 / Spooks [BBC TV]. I’m partway through season 1, and Mr. Darcy is talking to Giles. Earlier, he was talking to Dr. House. It’s kind of blowing my mind. [Matthew MacFadyen, Anthony Head, and Hugh Laurie

More Amazon Wish lists?

Hey Tumblr Education teachers! I’m guessing more of you have Amazon (or other store) wish lists, or Donors Choose projects or other similar stuff. Does anyone have a compilation of this, or want to help me compile a list? I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would like to help out (especially those like myself who aren’t currently working in education, but hope to be soon, and would like to contribute to the field where we can). Thanks!